Monday, August 3, 2015

Rowley 4 - Rockport 2

Mariners 5 Beverly 4

The Manchester/Essex Mariners advanced to the ITL Finals after outlasting the Beverly Giants on Monday, squeaking out a 5-4 win in Beverly.

Beverly jumped ahead 1 to 0 in the bottom of the first on a single by Brian Chirco.

The Mariners answered back in the 2nd on a RBI sac fly by Alex Ray.

Beverly took a 3 to 1 lead in the 3rd on a 2-out two run double by Luke McDonald.

In the bottom of the 5th Beverly scored another run on an error to increase their lead to 4-1.

Manchester/Essex rallied to score 3 runs in the top of the 6th on four walks and a clutch 2 run single by Cole Josselyn.

With the game tied 4 to 4 in the top of the 7th, the Mariners finally managed to grab the lead. A suicide squeeze by Rory Gentile scored Alex Ray to put the Mariners up 5 to 4.

Mike Gibbon shut the door in the 7th by striking out the side and earning the save.

Field Change

The Beverly / Manchester game will be played at 5:45PM at Cooney Field tonight.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mariners 5 Beverly 2

The Beverly Giants outdone by Mike Cain and the Manchester/Essex Mariners, 5-2

The Manchester/Essex Mariners beat the Beverly Giants 5-2 in seven innings on Sunday at Essex behind Mike Cain, who went 1-1 and hit a home run.  He homered in the third inning.

Rory Gentile racked up 10 strikeouts in the the Manchester/Essex Mariners win. Gentile allowed one earned run, five hits and one walk over seven innings.  Frankie Messina had two extra-base hits for the Beverly Giants. He doubled in the fifth and seventh innings.   Andy Brown was the game's losing pitcher. He lasted just six innings, walked seven, struck out three, and allowed five runs.

The Manchester/Essex Mariners didn't relinquish the lead after scoring one run in the first inning when they scored on.  The Manchester/Essex Mariners built upon their lead with two runs in the third. A clutch sacrifice fly scored Gentile to open the scoring in the frame. That was followed up by Mike Cain's solo home run.

The Manchester/Essex Mariners scored one run in the fourth inning, and then followed it up with one more in the sixth. In the fourth, the Manchester/Essex Mariners scored on an RBI double by Caulin Rogers, scoring Bob Whynott.

After pushing across two runs in the top of the fifth, the Beverly Giants faced just a 4-2 deficit. An RBI single by Luke McDonald and an error set off the Beverly Giants rally. But, Gentile got Brown to to end the inning.

Game 2 M/E @ Beverly

5:45pm @ Balch Field
Monday, August 3rd

Playoff Rosters

Beverly Giants

Jeff Barricelli
John Boyle
Andy Brown
Scott Caradonna
Dan Cashman
Brian Chirco
Paul Drinkwater
Kevin Harutunian
Josh Levesque
Sean Martin
Luke McDonald
Eric Messina
Frankie Messina
Conor Walsh
Pat Wilson

Rowley Rams

2Justin Bolla
5Colton Fontaine
6Dmitri Hunt
8Colby Ingraham
10Marco Luisi
12Jeff Moore
13Tim Moore
14Curtis Putnam
16Colin Sitarz
18Joe White


Rusty Tucker
Mike Cain
Caulin Rogers
Alex Ray
Rory Gentile
Cole Josselyn
Peter Clark
Max Nesbit
Paul Crehan
Ian Buckley
Bob Whynott
Corey McCollum
Bart Margiotta
Sam Schautt
Bryan Lafata
Dom Cirone
Mike Gibbon
Ryan Marques


Jason Vizena
Alex Webb
Brian Lentz
Drew Shairs
Jay Fulmer
Reese Fulmer
Marcus Cottone
Kyle Nelson
Darin Newman
Jay Pallazola
Conor Douglass
Nick Scatterday
Tyler Favaloro
Keady Segel
Caleb Tanson 
Peter Archer

Saturday, August 1, 2015

HR Derby Today!

1pm @ Patton Park.  Join us for the HR Derby today, and the start of the playoffs tomorrow.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Beverly - 9, Ipswich - 0

Beverly advances to the playoffs. Details to follow.

Home Run Derby

The Derby is on for tomorrow afternoon.  1pm start @ Patton Park.
All players are welcome and encouraged to participate.  $20 entry fee.  The format will follow traditional HR derby rules.  Hope to see you there and please spread the word to all ITL players!

Friday Morning Playoff Picture

1. Manchester, 35pts, 1 game left.  Manchester has clinched first place and will host either Hamilton or Beverly in Game One of the Semi-Finals on Sunday.

2.  Rowley, 33pts, 0 games left.  Rowley has clinched second place and will host Rockport in Game One of the Semi-Finals on Monday.

3.  Rockport, 27pts, 2 games remaining.  Rockport has clinched third place and will face Rowley in the Semi-Finals.

4.  Hamilton, 21pts, 0 games remaining.  Hamilton makes the playoffs with a Beverly loss to Ipswich tonight.  If Beverly and Ipswich tie then Hamilton and Beverly would be forced to play a one game playoff for the final playoff spot.  A Beverly win would eliminate Hamilton.

5. Beverly, 20pts, 1 game remaining.  See above.  Beverly needs to beat or tie Ipswich to keep their season alive.

6.  Ipswich, 14pts, 1 game remaining.  Ipswich is eliminated but could play spoiler tonight.

7. Topsfield, 11pts, 1 game remaining.  Topsfield is eliminated.

Manchester - 11, Hamilton - 2

Details to follow...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Morning Playoff Picture

1. Rowley, 33pts, 0 games left.  Rowley currently holds the #1 seed thanks to a tiebreaker edge over Manchester.  The two teams have the same amount of wins and split their season series against each other but Rowley scored more runs in those games.

2.  Manchester, 33pts, 2 games left.  Manchester can clinch the #1 seed with just one win or tie in their final two games.  However, the makeup game vs Rockport is not currently on the schedule and it looks questionable whether there will be time to play it.  Tonight's game at Hamilton may end up determining the #1 seed.

3.  Rockport, 27pts, 2 games left.  Rockport is locked into the #3 seed.

4.  Hamilton, 21pts, 1 game left.  Hamilton once again controls their own destiny after beating Rockport last night and seeing Beverly fall to Topsfield.  If Hamilton beats Manchester tonight, they clinch a playoff spot.  If they lose or tie they will need to see what happens in Friday's Beverly/Ipswich game.

5.  Beverly, 20pts, 1 game left.  Beverly needs Hamilton to lose or tie tonight to keep their playoff hopes alive.  A Hamilton loss combined with a Beverly win over Ipswich on Friday would put Beverly into the playoffs.  If the two teams finish tied somehow they will need to play a one game playoff on Saturday.

6.  Ipswich, 14pts, 1 game left.  Ipswich is eliminated, but could play spoiler Friday night.

7.  Topsfield, 11pts, 1 game left.  Topsfield is eliminated but successfully played spoiler last night.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Topsfield - 2, Beverly - 1

Ben Panunzio allowed one run in 7 innings for the win.

Generals Win, Control Fate

ITL Hamilton Generals seize victory thanks to late sacrifice fly, drop ITL Rockport Townies 5-4

ITL Hamilton Generals and ITL Rockport Townies volleyed the lead five times on Wednesday, but ITL Hamilton Generals came out on top for a 5-4 win on Wednesday at Evans Field.  ITL Hamilton Generals pulled out the win thanks to a strong sixth inning. A sacrifice fly by Brian Nicoll scored Larry Saggese and gave ITL Hamilton Generals the lead for good.

Kyle Nelson led ITL Rockport Townies' offensive threat, as he got on base three times in the game. He also drove in one runner. He singled in the third inning and doubled in the fourth inning.  Matt Greeke recorded the win for ITL Hamilton Generals. He allowed four runs over seven innings. Matt Greeke struck out nine, walked three and gave up seven hits.

Alex Webb ended up on the wrong side of the pitching decision, charged with the loss. He lasted just six innings, walked four, struck out four, and allowed five runs.

After a scoreless stalemate, ITL Hamilton Generals finally got on the board with one run in the fourth. ITL Hamilton Generals scored runs on an RBI single by Larry Saggese.  ITL Rockport Townies answered ITL Hamilton Generals' top inning with four runs of its own in the fourth. ITL Rockport Townies scored on an RBI double by Webb, a wild pitch, an RBI single by Marcus Cottone, and an RBI double by Nelson.

ITL Hamilton Generals pushed across two runs in both the fifth inning and the sixth. In the fifth, ITL Hamilton Generals scored on a two-run single by Avon Stewart, plating Luke Wendt and Cam Borrelli.  The sixth spelled defeat for ITL Rockport Townies, as ITL Hamilton Generals grabbed the lead for good.

Rams - 12, Chiefs - 1

Wednesday Playoff Picture

As of Wednesday morning three teams have clinched playoff spots while two have been eliminated.  That leaves Beverly and Hamilton to battle for the fourth and final playoff spot.

Manchester, 33pts with 2 games remaining.  Manchester has clinched a playoff spot.  They can clinch first place with at least one Win or Tie in their final two games.

Rowley, 31pts with 1 game remaining.  Rowley has clinched a playoff spot.  They have an outside shot at 1st Place as they hold the tiebreaker versus Manchester.

Rockport, 27pts with 3 games remaining.  Rockport has clinched a playoff spot.  They could force a two or three way tie for first but I don't believe they would win either tiebreaker.  They do have a shot at reaching 2nd Place and earning homefield advantage in the first round as they own the tiebreaker over Rowley.

Beverly, 20pts with 2 games remaining.  Beverly controls their own destiny and can clinch a playoff spot by beating Topsfield and Ipswich this week.  Their Magic Number versus Hamilton is "2".

Hamilton, 19pts with 2 games remaining.  Hamilton no longer controls its own destiny but can get in by beating Rockport and Manchester if Beverly drops one of their remaining two games.  Their Magic Number versus Beverly remains "3".

Ipswich, 14pts with 2 games remaining.  Ipswich is eliminated.

Topsfield, 9pts with 3 games remaining.  Topsfield is eliminated.